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Everything they promised did come true.
I really wanted time to think and clear my head. Drug Rehab Rochester helped me get into a healthier state of mind. Their facilities promote a full recovery. Addicts will understand why they need therapy, and how people can operate 'real world’ situations without using. Drug Rehab Rochester gave me a second chance on life. I decided to give their method a shot, and got everything they promised me.
, Rochester Nov 20, 2011

Experienced and patient people, good at what they do.
When you finally ask for help, please go to Drug Rehab Rochester. It’s just a phone call away, and their employees will take care of everything else. Everything in their program is well-planned. Drug Rehab Rochester is extremely experienced, professional, and run a tight ship. It’s in your best interest if you let them help you. Along with the therapists, there are plenty of other people at Drug Rehab Rochester who know how to help you get sober, so listen to them my friend.
, Rochester Feb 10, 2011

I’m extremely thankful for the staff here.
I chose Drug Rehab Rochester because the center seemed comfortable, clean, and friendly. Their therapists were all very patient and knowledgeable. Each day was very organized down to the hour. They push you to succeed. RAs closely monitored your recovery process. Addiction psychologists taught you about addiction, and give you practical tips to get clean. I wouldn't have regained my life if I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Rochester’s hotline. I’m so extremely thankful for all their help.
, Rochester May 12, 2011

Very knowledgeable and compassionate
My overall experience at Drug Rehab Rochester was really great and successful. Finally, I really understand why I drink and what my triggers are. Thank goodness, I have people to call for help now. There is a place I can go for help. In rehab, I learned about the anatomy of substance abuse and more importantly, how to manage lifelong sobriety. The team at Drug Rehab Rochester is also very knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate.
, Rochester Feb 5, 2012

I’m so grateful they gave me my life back
I had a really positive experience at Drug Rehab Rochester. The employees and therapists at Drug Rehab Rochester are awesome, and allow you to accept your triggers and get educated on how to keep away from them. Once you realize that emotional situations could cause you to 'escape' to drugs, you can start figuring out how to accept responsibility for your actions. Drug Rehab Rochester gave me hope again. I believed I could have a happier life. Now, I can’t explain how thankful I am. I’m so grateful they gave me my life back.
, Rochester Aug 7, 2011

Drug Rehab Rochester NY is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.